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Omnilogic has years of experience managing complex, mission critical infrastructures and applications for leading companies.

Managed by experts

Omnilogic Cloud Computing is delivered from Omnilogic’s top-tier Data Center, a Data Center built according to TIA-942, the standard of the Telecommunications Industry Association for Data Center infrastructure and connected to the majority of carrier networks. It’s built on enterprise-class technology and supported by experts in services and computing.

Top-Tier Data Center

OmniVCloud architecture is housed in Omnilogic’s footprint of top-tier facilities providing the highest levels of physical security, power, environmental and control systems.

Competitive advantages

OmniVCloud meets customer needs to continuously improve business processes, diminish capital expenditures and increase the use of Internet technologies while customers gain competitive advantage.


Maximized financial results

In such an extremely difficult market, affected by many challenges and by user's exactingness and orientation towards maximizing financial results by means of continuous cost minimization, the cloud-computing concept shall capitalize the consolidation technologies to the maximum by applying the virtualization policies on a wide scale.

Cap-ex reduction

OmniVCloud services are also very attractive regarding the Cap-ex reduction, because they doesn't involve additional investments in infrastructure, but next to the constant cutting-edge technology and maximum data security, it additionally provides 24x7 availability and, last but not least, additional on-demand resources, all with optimum costs.

Improved business processes

Released thanks to the infrastructure and applications available in Omnilogic tier 3 data center located in Otopeni, OmniVCloud meets customer needs to constantly improve business processes, reduce capital expenditure and increase the use of Internet technologies.

Scalable and elastic

Elastically scalable OmniVCloud resources are distributed dynamically and are redistributed on-demand in metered quantity and quality. Delivery "as a service" implies that the base of the resources is off-premises relative to the consumer of the service.

Cloud Computing on-demand

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