The solutions that meet your business challenges

Virtual Servers

OmniVServ is the first “on-demand” program made possible due to the virtual server/application infrastructure hosted in the Tier 3 Data Center, located in Otopeni and gives you all the benefits of dedicated servers with a significantly lower cost, plus high availability environment and data security. more ››

Collaboration as a Service

OmniVMail is an integrated email, calendaring & collaboration solution, masterfully built on unique Linux mail server technology, for increased speed & security. It offers the customer the full benefits of email communication & collaboration, integrated in a smart & secure solution based on a powerful mail server for business. more ››

Continuity as a Service

Business continuity refers to the process of assessing and managing risks associated with IT departments. It involves the evaluation of values, threats, risks, vulnerabilities and development of countermeasures to ensure continuation in the event of a disaster.

Providing business continuity solutions for your business-critical applications can be costly and complicated, particularly in meeting challenging Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

We developed a cost effective, robust and fully managed business continuity solution to ensure both maximum server availability and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. Contact us now to find more!

Backup as a Service

Part of continuity plan, backup service is one of the critical components. With the decrease in the cost of online storage, this has become a viable option. Being built around a client software program provided by us, it runs on a schedule and collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers data stored on hard drive to the remote backup servers. Contact us now to find more!

Archiving as a Service

We developed an automated policy-based archiving solution to create point-in-time archives that move older and inactive data off of production equipment and out of normal active backup cycles. Data is housed in an environmentally controlled area and customers can quickly and easily retrieve archived data.

Our fully automated solution eliminates any worry about: media corruption, obsolescence, storage conditions, retrieval, hardware obsolescence and malfunctions, media alignment issues, re-catalogue and sorting issues.  Contact us now to find more!