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IT Infrastructure

Unprecedented control and flexibility

Because it’s based on resources, not large and inflexible server units, OmniVServ allows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they’re needed. And, because it’s based on a proven utility computing platform, diverse network connectivity and top-tier data center, The Omnilogic Cloud Computing has the scale, performance and security to meet all your enterprise’s needs.

Fast Dynamic Provisioning

At the heart of OmniVServ is a powerful web portal, an application that allows you to dynamically provision servers from a preallocated pool of dedicated computer resources. In minutes you can configure and provision a virtual server according to utilization. A reporting interface allows instant insight into resource utilization and application performance.

Managed by experts

Omnilogic has years of experience managing complex, mission critical infrastructures and applications for leading companies. OmniVServ is delivered from Omnilogic’s top-tier Data Center, a Data Center built according to TIA-942, the standard of the Telecommunications Industry Association for Data Center infrastructure and connected to the majority of carrier networks. It’s built on enterprise-class technology and supported by experts in services and computing.

Virtualized by VMware

OmniVServ is virtualized by VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives you freedom and control, complete reliability and high security.

Easy to Use

OmniVServ features a simple Web-based console based on Omnilogic’s class-leading cloud platform, allowing access to compute capacity. Standards-based architecture and support for a broad range of operating systems means we’re ready for your applications today, no customization required.

No Minimum Commitment

With OmniVServ, you pay only for the capacity you use, when you use it. Getting started takes just minutes.

Top-Tier Datacenter

OmniVServ architecture is housed in Omnilogic’s footprint of top-tier facilities providing the highest levels of physical security, power, environmental and control systems.

VMware Hypervisor

The clustered VMware hypervisor (VMware HA) of OmniVServ provides complete physical redundancy and failover, all but eliminating downtime due to hardware failure.

Cisco-Powered Network

Fully redundant Cisco network and firewall infrastructure deliver the highest standards of availability and security from the industry’s most recognized network leader.

Fiber-Attached SAN

Fully redundant fiber-attached storage powers every virtual server, delivering performance and availability for the most demanding applications.


Omnilogic provides diverse connectivity to networks. Our peering fabric brings together almost all providers in Romania to a common location for handing off traffic and making connections.

Automated Resource Balancing

Automated resource balancing (VMware DRS) provides continuous hypervisor monitoring and optimization to ensure peak performance of the computing layer at all times.